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Options for Presenting Your Code

MATLAB® provides options for presenting your code to others, including using publishing and creating live scripts and functions in the Live Editor.

MethodDescriptionOutput FormatsDetails

Command-line help

Use comments at the start of a MATLAB file to display help comments when you type help file_name in the Command Window.

  • ASCII text

Add Help for Your Program

Live Editor

Use the Live Editor to create cohesive, shareable documents that include executable MATLAB code, embedded output, and formatted text.

  • MLX

  • HTML

  • PDF

  • LaTeX

Live Scripts and Functions


Use comments with basic markup to publish a document that includes text, bulleted or numbered lists, MATLAB code, and code results.

  • XML

  • HTML

  • LaTeX

  • Microsoft® Word (.doc/.docx)

  • Microsoft PowerPoint® (ppt)

  • PDF

Publishing MATLAB Code

Publishing MATLAB Code from the Editor video

Help Browser Topics

Create HTML and XML files to provide your own MATLAB help topics for viewing from the MATLAB Help browser or the web.

  • HTML

Display Custom Documentation

MATLAB Report Generator™

Use MATLAB Report Generator to build complex reports.

You must have MATLAB Report Generator software installed.

  • RTF

  • PDF

  • Word

  • HTML

  • XML

MATLAB Report Generator