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Load C++ Library In-Process or Out-of-Process

Load Out-of-Process C++ Library

MATLAB® can run C++ functions in a separate process. Running in a separate process enables you to:

  • Use some third-party libraries in the code that conflict with MATLAB.

  • Publishers can use this mode while developing an interface, eliminating the need to restart MATLAB while testing.

  • Isolate the MATLAB process from crashes in the C++ library code.

To run out-of-process, in your workflow script created by the clibPublishInterfaceWorkflow function, run the Enable out-of-process execution mode section. Alternatively, from the command line, call the clibConfiguration function with the "ExecutionMode" argument set to "outofprocess".

Unload Out-of-Process C++ Library

If you run the Enable out-of-process execution mode section in the workflow script created by the clibPublishInterfaceWorkflow function, then you can unload the C++ library by running the Unload out-of-process library section.

Alternatively, call unload on the MATLAB interface. For example, suppose that you built an interface schoolInterface.dll to the school C++ library and the interface is loaded and set to out-of-process execution. To verify, type:

configObj = clibConfiguration("school")
configObj = 
  CLibraryConfiguration for school with properties:
    InterfaceLibraryPath: "C:\work"
               Libraries: ""
                  Loaded: 1
           ExecutionMode: outofprocess
               ProcessID: 12345

To unload the library, type:


Information About the Host Process

Use the CLibraryConfiguration object created from calling the clibConfiguration function to get information about the host process. These properties provide information about the settings and status of a MATLAB interface to a C++ library.

  • InterfaceLibraryPath contains the path to the interface library.

  • Libraries contains the names of libraries used to build the interface.

  • Loaded contains the process status, specified as 1 if the library is loaded, otherwise 0.

  • ExecutionMode indicates whether to load the C++ interface in the same process as MATLAB, specified as inprocess or outofprocess.

  • ProcessName contains the name of the host process, which for outofprocess is MATLABCLibHost by default.

  • ProcessID contains the process identifier.

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