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View MATLAB Drive Connector Status and Notifications

MATLAB® Drive™ Connector shows the status of your MATLAB Drive files and of your network connection. MATLAB Drive displays the status icon in the Connector window as well as in the Windows® system notification area or the macOS dock.

Status IconDescription

Green check mark symbol

Files are up to date.

Yellow warning symbol

File updates completed with a condition that could require action.

Red error symbol

File updates failed. Your files are not up to date.

Blue paused button symbol

File syncing is paused. Resume syncing to ensure files remain up to date

Grey paused button symbol

MATLAB Drive Connector could not connect to the network. File syncing is paused.

On Windows and macOS systems, if notifications are enabled, MATLAB Drive displays them in the Windows system notification area or macOS dock.

Windows system notification area showing the MATLAB Drive icon and a "All files up to date" notification.

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