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Manage Windows in MATLAB Online

When you open some files, apps, and tools, they open in new windows within the MATLAB® Online™ environment.

The title bar of a window provides you with the options to pin, collapse, minimize, maximize, and close a window individually.

Title bar buttons

  • Pin — Prevent a window from being collapsed or minimized. (since R2023b)

  • Collapse — Reduce the size of a window by displaying only its title bar. (since R2023b)

    Title bar with title and buttons

  • Minimize — Hide a window. At the bottom right of the MATLAB Online environment, the Switch Windows button indicates the number of minimized windows.

    Switch Windows button indicating that two windows are minimized

  • Maximize — Fit a window to the full size of the MATLAB Online environment.

  • Close — Close a window.

Automatically Collapse and Expand Open Windows

Since R2023b

By default, when you click the MATLAB background, open windows in the foreground collapse. To restore the collapsed windows, click the title bar of one of the previously open windows. To prevent a window from being collapsed or minimized, click Pin on its title bar.

To disable the automatic collapse, on the Home tab, in the Environment section, click Preferences. Select MATLAB > General > Collapsible Windows. Then, clear Enable Auto-Collapse.

Minimize and Restore Open Windows

To manage windows, use the buttons at the bottom right of the MATLAB Online environment.

  • To toggle whether a window is minimized, click Switch Windows. Then, select the window to minimize or restore.

  • To minimize all open windows, click Minimize Open Windows. To restore the previously open windows, click Restore Minimized Windows.

  • To display a taskbar that lists the minimized windows, click Expand Taskbar. From the taskbar, toggle whether a window is minimized by clicking the window title. The taskbar persists until you click Collapse Taskbar or start a new MATLAB Online session.

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