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Manage File Conflicts and Update Issues in MATLAB Drive

File conflicts could occur if you access your MATLAB® Drive™ data from either multiple machines or via a combination of MATLAB Drive Connector and another access method; for example, MATLAB Drive online, MATLAB Mobile™, or MATLAB Online™.

When you restart the Connector, MATLAB Drive compares the edited file with the same file in cloud storage. If the content is different, MATLAB Drive renames the local version of the file. The name of the copied file has the following text appended to the file name:


MATLAB Drive Connector Activity section showing the file test.m and the renamed conflict copy of the file.

To resolve the conflict, compare the two versions, and decide which one to you want to keep. You can merge the changes manually, or delete the version of the file you do not want. If you decide to keep both versions of the file, you can remove the alert icon by clicking Dismiss alert from the file context menu.

File Update Issues

These conditions can affect file updates:


A file is larger than 5 GB.

Updates of smaller files continue.

You exceed your MATLAB Drive quota.

Updates stop. Remove files from your MATLAB Drive to free up space.

Connection to MATLAB Drive is interrupted.

Updates stop until the connection is restored.

File name contains unsupported characters.

Updates of other files continue. Rename files that have names with unsupported characters. Follow the requirements for your operating system when naming files.

You do not have permissions to access files in the MATLAB Drive folder.

Updates cannot proceed. You are logged in to the computer as a user who does not have permissions to access the local MATLAB Drive folder. Log in as a user who has permissions to access the folder, or change the permissions on the folder.

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