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Crash Reporting

If MATLAB® crashes, then the MathWorks® Crash Reporter dialog box prompts you to send the crash report to MathWorks. Doing so helps us improve our products. The crash report contains one or more crash logs containing information on the stack trace and the MATLAB configuration. You can see the entire contents of the crash report by clicking the Show Report button in the dialog box. This data, along with information that you provide as reproduction steps, is the only information sent to MathWorks.

Reproduction steps are most helpful if you know what appears to cause the crash, but any information on what you were doing at the time helps our developers better understand the cause.

Locating Crash Logs

In some situations, The Crash Reporter does not open. For example, the Crash Reporter is unavailable when you start MATLAB with the -batch option or run it in deployed mode. If you experience abnormal termination, but do not see the Crash Reporter, then you can email the crash logs to MathWorks instead at The crash logs are files with the prefix matlab_crash_dump, java.log, or hs_err. To locate the logs, type one of these commands in the MATLAB Command Window, replacing prefix with matlab_crash_dump, java.log, and hs_err.

  • On Windows® platforms:


    Alternatively, open Windows Explorer and navigate to the %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\ folder.

  • On Linux® and macOS platforms:


    Alternatively on macOS, open a Finder window. Press Command+Shift+G to open the Go To Folder dialog box and enter ~.

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