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Configure Add-Ons After Installation

After installation, some add-ons require additional configuration steps.

Install Supported Compiler

Some add-ons require a supported compiler. For a list of compilers and the products and workflows they support, see Supported and Compatible Compilers.

These add-ons require a supported compiler:

  • MATLAB® Coder™

  • Stateflow®

  • Simulink® Coder

  • Embedded Coder®

  • Simulink Test™

These add-ons require a supported compiler for certain workflows:

  • SimBiology® — For computation acceleration.

  • Fixed-Point Designer™ — For computation acceleration

  • Simulink — For simulation acceleration, model reference, and MATLAB Function block capabilities.

  • MATLAB Compiler™ — For the creation of Excel® add-ins (Windows® only).

  • MATLAB Compiler SDK™ — For the creation of C and C++ shared libraries. In addition, MATLAB Compiler SDK requires a Java JDK for the creation of Java packages and, on Windows systems, a .NET framework for the creation of .NET assemblies and deployable archives with Excel integration. For more information, see the MATLAB Compiler SDK section of the Supported and Compatible Compilers page.

Additional Configuration Steps

These add-ons require additional configuration steps:

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