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Bookmark and Share Page Locations

Bookmark Favorite Pages

In the Help browser, bookmarks are called favorites. You can add, find, and organize favorites by clicking the Favorites button in the Help browser.

When you add a favorite, do not change the Callback. MATLAB® requires special values to create a shortcut that opens the page in the Help browser. In addition, if you want the bookmark to appear in your list of favorites, keep the Category set to Help Browser Favorites, as shown.

Favorites Editor dialog box


You cannot migrate favorites that you save in one MATLAB release to a new release.

View Page Locations

To identify the location of a page in the Help browser to share with someone else, right-click within the page, and then select Get Page Address.

The Help Page Location dialog box provides two ways to access the page:

  • A web command to run from the command line that opens the page from the installed documentation. This command is subject to change between releases, so it is not always accurate for someone running a different version of MATLAB.

  • A URL for the page corresponding to your product version at the MathWorks® website. This documentation is available to anyone, even if they do not have MathWorks products. However, to access archived documentation from previous releases, as well as translated documentation, you must sign in with a MathWorks Account.


    If you are running a prerelease version, the URL is invalid because the documentation does not yet exist on the website.