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Default Values for Automatically Calculated Properties

What Are Automatically Calculated Properties

When you create a graph, MATLAB® sets certain property values appropriately for the particular graph. These properties, such as those controlling axis limits, have an associated mode property.

The mode property determines if MATLAB calculates a value for the property (mode is auto) or if the property uses a specified value (mode is manual).

Default Values for Automatically Calculated Properties

Defining a default value for an automatically calculated property requires two steps:

  • Define the property default value

  • Define the default value of the mode property as manual

Setting X-Axis Limits

Suppose you want to define default values for the x-axis limits. Because the axes XLim property is usually automatically calculated, you must set the associated mode property (XLimMode) to manual.

set(groot,'defaultAxesXLim',[0 8])

The axes uses the default x-axis limits of [0 8]: