Programming Apps in App Designer

Write code that controls app behavior

Write callbacks and helper functions and manage startup tasks. Use properties to share data within an app. Create multiwindow apps.


Coding Apps

Managing Code in App Designer Code View

Learn how to use Code View to program your app.

Write Callbacks in App Designer

Learn about writing callbacks to control the behavior of apps you create in App Designer.

Create Helper Functions in App Designer

Define helper functions, and call them from different places in your code.

Share Data Within App Designer Apps

Learn how to share data across callbacks in App Designer by creating properties.

Use One Callback for Multiple App Designer Components

Learn how to share a callback function between two or more components in App Designer.

Startup Tasks and Input Arguments in App Designer

Create a startup function that executes commands or processes input arguments when the app opens.

Creating Multiwindow Apps in App Designer

Combine multiple apps into a multiwindow app, and share data between those apps.

Add UI Components to App Designer Programmatically

Add UI components that are not available in the Component Library, or that you want to create at run time.

Table Array Data Types in App Designer Apps

Learn how to control the display of different data types when using table array data in an app.

Create HTML File That Can Trigger or Respond to Data Changes

Learn how to create an HTML file to embed HTML, JavaScript®, or CSS content in your app that can trigger or respond to data changes.

Compatibility Between Different Releases of App Designer

Make your apps compatible with previous releases of App Designer.

Sample Apps

Create App that Uses Multiple Axes to Display Results of Image Analysis

Example of an App Designer app that uses multiple axes to display an image and three histograms.

Create Polar Axes Programmatically in an App

Example of an App Designer app that creates polar axes programmatically.

Create App with a Table That Can Be Sorted and Edited Interactively

Example of an App Designer app that displays a sortable and editable table.

Create App with Timer Object that Queries Website Data

Example of an App Designer app that uses a timer object to query data from a website.

Share Data in Multiwindow Apps

Example of multiwindow App Designer apps that pass data to each other.

Programmatic App that Displays a Table

This example shows how to display a table in an app using the uitable function.