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Use Parallel Computing in MATLAB Online Hosted by Your Organization

Intended Audience

MATLAB® end users interacting with databases in MATLAB Online Server™ using Database Toolbox. For IT administrators, to enable Database Toolbox™ for end users, see Integrate MATLAB Online Server with Database Toolbox.

If your organization hosts MATLAB Online™ using MATLAB Online Server, then some parallel computing settings are controlled by an administrator.

Parallel Pool Settings

When you use a function such as parfor (Parallel Computing Toolbox) or spmd (Parallel Computing Toolbox), the server running MATLAB Online Server automatically creates a parallel pool of local workers to run your code by calling the parpool (Parallel Computing Toolbox) function. This behavior is exactly like desktop MATLAB, except that your administrator sets the default number of local workers available to each MATLAB Online session. The default is two workers.

If your MATLAB Online Server administrator has disabled the use of Parallel Computing Toolbox™ or local workers, you can expect to see the following results in the command window.

Unable to run the 'parpool' function, because it is not supported for MATLAB Online. To 
use this function, use an installed version of MATLAB on your computer. 

To enable workers or change the default number of local workers, contact your MATLAB Online Server administrator.

MATLAB Parallel Server Cluster Profiles

Before you can use a MATLAB Parallel Server™ cluster, your administrator must upload the profile for that cluster. This profile is created by the MATLAB Parallel Server cluster administrator or the desktop MATLAB user.

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