Create a UTM Map

You can create UTM maps with axesm , just like any other projection. However, unlike other projections, the map frame is limited to an 8-by-6 degree map window (the UTM zone).

Create a UTM map axes.

axesm utm

Get the map axes properties and inspect them in the Command Window or with the Variables editor. Note that the default zone is 31N. This is selected because the map origin defaults to [0 3 0] , which is on the equator and at a longitude of 3° E. This is the center longitude of zone 31N, which has a latitude limit of [0 8] , and a longitude limit of [0 6].

h = getm(gca);
ans = 

Change the zone to 32N, one zone to the east of the default, and inspect the other parameters again. Note that the map origin and limits are adjusted for zone 32N.


h = getm(gca);

Draw the map grid and label it.


Load and plot the coastline data set to see a close-up of the Gulf of Guinea and Bioko Island in UTM.

load coastlines