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Advantages of Using Device Objects

Should you use interface objects or device objects to communicate with your instrument? Generally, device objects make instrument control easier and they offer greater flexibility to the user compared to using interface objects.

Because of the advantages offered by using device objects for communicating with your instrument, you should use device objects whenever possible. Some of these advantages are

  • You do not need to know instrument-specific commands

  • You can use standard VXIplug&play or IVI® instrument drivers provided by your instrument vendor or other party

  • You can use a MATLAB® instrument driver to control your instrument. To get a MATLAB instrument driver, you can

    • Convert a VXIplug&play or IVI driver

    • Use a MATLAB driver that is shipped with the toolbox

    • Create it yourself or modify a similar driver

    • Install it from a third party, such as MATLAB Central

When to Use Interface Objects

In some circumstances, using device objects to communicate with your instrument would be impossible or impractical. You might need to use interface objects if

  • Your instrument does not have a standard instrument driver supported by the Instrument Control Toolbox™ software.

  • You are using a streaming application (typically serial, UDP, or TCP/IP interface) to notify you of some occurrence.

  • Your application requires frequent changes to communication channel settings.