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Update Your License

Automatic License Updates

Throughout the term of your license, your MATLAB® installation periodically contacts MathWorks® to verify that your license is up to date. If your license is up to date, the validation process is transparent. If it determines that you need to update your license, the validation process displays a dialog box giving you the option to update your license.

You can disable validation in the License Center at the MathWorks website.

Update License Manually from Within MATLAB

To update your license manually from within MATLAB, on the Home tab, in the Resources section, select Help > Licensing > Update Current Licenses, and follow the prompts to update your licenses. When you restart MATLAB, it will use any updated licenses.

If the Update Current Licenses option is not present, then your license updates automatically and no action is required from you.

Update License Using Activation

If your license file has expired or another licensing requirement is preventing MATLAB from starting, you can update your license by using the MATLAB activation client.

For instructions on using the activation client, see Activate MATLAB Installation Manually.

Update License for Offline Computer

If the computer that is running MATLAB cannot connect to the internet, you can download a license file manually from the MathWorks website on another computer and move the file to the target computer.


If you are a license administrator, follow the procedure in Update Network License.

  1. Sign in to

  2. Click on your profile picture or initials in the top right and then select My Account.

    You can also get to your MathWorks Account from within MATLAB. On the Home tab, in the Resources section, click Help > Licensing > Manage Licenses.

  3. Under My Software, select your license number from the list. If you have more licenses than fit on the screen, click View additional Licenses or Trials. Clicking a license takes you to the License Center.

  4. Click the Install and Activate tab.

  5. On the right side, under Related Tasks, select Activate to Retrieve License File.

  6. Fill out all required fields and follow prompts. Click Continue.

  7. At Next Steps, click Download License File.

  8. Skip Step 2 (because you have already done it as part of this procedure) and click Done.

  9. Copy the license file to the licenses folder on the offline computer. The following support article contains instructions for finding license file folders on various operating systems: Where can I find MATLAB license files?

  10. Start MATLAB.

    If you encounter difficulties, Contact Support.

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