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Get New MATLAB Release

When a new MATLAB® general release becomes available, for example, from R2022b to R2024a, as long as the Software Maintenance Service on your license is current, you can install the new release. For additional information, see MathWorks Software Maintenance Service on the MathWorks® website.

To check if a new release is available, in MATLAB, click Help > Check for Updates. The Add-On Manager opens with the Updates tab selected.

  • If there is no newer release, then you are notified that your MATLAB is up to date.

  • If there is a new release available, MATLAB displays a banner prompting you to get the new release.

To get the new release, if it is available:

  1. Click Get Latest Release to open the Downloads page on the MathWorks website and download the installer.

  2. Run the MATLAB installer.

  3. Install the new release in a new installation folder, even if you have the previous version or a prerelease version of the same release installed already.

You do not need to delete an existing MATLAB installation before installing a new release. Each release is independent of previous releases and you can run multiple releases on the same computer.


Getting a new release installs only those products currently on your license. For example, if your existing installation includes ten products, but your current license includes only nine of those products, your new MATLAB installation will include only the nine products.

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