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Connect to Matrox Frame Grabbers

Use the matroxlist function to return the list of available Matrox® frame grabbers connected to your system. The function returns a cell array with model name and digitizer number for each frame grabber detected.

In this example, three frame grabbers have been detected.

ans = 

   Solios XCL (digitizer 0)
   Solios XCL (digitizer 1)
   VIO (digitizer 0)

If no boards are detected, it returns an empty cell array.


The Matrox support requires that you download and install the necessary files via MATLAB® Add-Ons. The Matrox Hardware support package installs the files for both the matrox adaptor for the videoinput object and the matroxcam object. For more information, see Installing the Support Packages for Image Acquisition Toolbox Adaptors.

If you have the support package installed and matroxlist does not recognize your hardware, see the troubleshooting information in Matrox Hardware.