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Configure Gigabit Ethernet Network Adapter on Linux

The following Ethernet adapter configuration settings are a best practice for proper operation and optimum performance when acquiring images from a GigE Vision® camera.


Before you configure the Ethernet adapter settings, make sure you have the recommended hardware setup described in GigE Vision Image Acquisition Quick Start Guide.

You do not need any drivers from your vendor. You do not have to install any that may have come with your device.

Have your system administrator help with the following setup tasks:

  • Getting the Ethernet card recognized by the kernel.

  • Getting the IP and MTU configuration set up for direct connection.

    For dynamic IP configuration of a camera and Ethernet card not connected to an organizational network, avahi-autoipd can be used. However, each direct connection to a camera should have an interface with a static IP such as 10.10.x.y or 192.168.x.y.

    If you want to use jumbo frames and your Ethernet card and switches (if present) allow, configure the MTU accordingly.

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