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Retrieve pointer behavior from graphics object


pointerBehavior = iptGetPointerBehavior(obj) returns the pointer behavior structure associated with the graphics object obj. A pointer behavior structure contains function handles that interact with a figure's pointer manager (see iptPointerManager) to control what happens when the figure's mouse pointer moves over and then exits the object.

Input Arguments

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Graphics object, specified as a handle to a figure, axes, uipanel, or image graphics objects.

Output Arguments

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Pointer behavior, returned as a structure with three fields.

FieldWhen Called
enterFcnCalled when the mouse pointer moves over the object.
traverseFcnCalled once when the mouse pointer moves over the object, and called again each time the mouse moves within the object.
exitFcnCalled when the mouse pointer leaves the object.

If obj does not contain a pointer behavior structure, then iptGetPointerBehavior returns [].

Version History

Introduced in R2006a