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Report Pane Overview

When you use the parameters in the Report pane, HDL Coder™ creates a Code Generation Report when generating HDL code for your model or Subsystem. The Code Generation Report contains a Summary, a Code Interface Report, and one or more of these reports.

  • A traceability report that you can use to trace from the generated HDL code to the model and from the model to HDL code.

  • A resource utilization report that contains the number of hardware resources used in the HDL code.

  • An optimization report that displays the result of optimizations such as streaming, sharing, distributed pipelining, and floating-point target-specific information that was implemented in the generated code.

  • A web view of the model that you can use to navigate between the generate code and your Simulink® model.

  • A timing report that displays the critical path delay and generates a highlighting script as a link that you can click to highlight the estimated critical path in the generated model. If your design contains blocks without timing information, the report displays the link to another highlighting script that is generated to highlight those blocks.

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