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Intel SoC Devices

Generate and deploy HDL code and embedded software on Intel® SoC Devices

HDL Coder™ can generate an IP core, integrate it into your Qsys project, and program the Intel hardware. Using Embedded Coder®, you can generate and build the embedded software, and run it on the ARM® processor. See Hardware-Software Co-Design Workflow for SoC Platforms.

To deploy your design to the Intel SoC device, you must install the HDL Coder Support Package for Intel SoC Devices. For installation information, see HDL Coder Supported Hardware.

HDL Coder Support Package for Intel SoC Devices supports the generation of IP cores that can be integrated into FPGA designs using Intel Qsys. When used in combination with the Embedded Coder Support Package for Intel SoC Devices, this solution can program the Intel SoC FPGA using C and HDL code generation. The hardware-software codesign workflow spans simulation, prototyping, verification, and implementation.


  • Setup and Configuration
    Download and install support package for use with third-party EDA tools and supported hardware
  • Hardware-Software Co-Design Basics
    Learn about the hardware-software co-design workflow and how to use the Workflow Advisor to run the algorithm on the SoC platform
  • Custom IP Core Generation
    Generate HDL IP core from your DUT for deployment to the default system reference design or custom reference design registered with the board
  • Custom Board and Reference Design
    Define and register custom reference design or custom board for Intel SoC device
  • Deployment
    Create bitstream containing user programming and download it to Intel SoC platform