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Model Configuration Parameters: GPU Acceleration

The Simulation Target > GPU Acceleration category includes parameters for configuring GPU-specific settings of the generated code.

These parameters require a GPU Coder™ license.

On the Configuration Parameters dialog box, the following configuration parameters are on the Simulation Target > GPU Acceleration pane.


Custom compute capability (Simulink Coder)

Specify the name of the NVIDIA® virtual GPU architecture for code generation.

Dynamic memory allocation threshold (Simulink Coder)

Specify the size above which the private variables are allocated on the heap instead of the stack.

Stack size per GPU thread (Simulink Coder)

Specify the maximum stack limit per GPU thread.

Include error checks in generated code (Simulink Coder)

Add run-time error-checking functionality to the generated CUDA® code.

Additional compiler flags (Simulink Coder)

Specify additional flags to the nvcc compiler.

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