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Reproduce Results in Optimization App

To reproduce the results of the last run of the genetic algorithm, select the Use random states from previous run check box. This resets the states of the random number generators used by the algorithm to their previous values. If you do not change any other settings in the Optimization app, the next time you run the genetic algorithm, it returns the same results as the previous run.

Normally, you should leave Use random states from previous run unselected to get the benefit of randomness in the genetic algorithm. Select the Use random states from previous run check box if you want to analyze the results of that particular run or show the exact results to others. After the algorithm has run, you can clear your results using the Clear Status button in the Run solver settings.


If you select Include information needed to resume this run, then selecting Use random states from previous run has no effect on the initial population created when you import the problem and run the genetic algorithm on it. The latter option is only intended to reproduce results from the beginning of a new run, not from a resumed run.

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