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Configuration Variations

Every model contains one or more named configuration sets that specify model parameters such as solver options, code generation options, and other choices. A model can contain multiple configuration sets, but only one configuration set is active at a time. For more information on configuration sets and how to view and edit them in the Configuration Parameters dialog box, see Manage Configuration Sets for a Model.

A configuration set includes parameters that specify code generation in general. For more information, see Configure Model and Generate Code. With Embedded Coder® and an ERT system target file, more parameters are available for fine-tuning to optimize and customize the appearance of the generated code.

Multiple configuration sets can be useful in embedded systems development. By defining multiple configuration sets in a model, you can easily retarget code generation from that model. For example, one configuration set can specify the default ERT target with external mode support enabled for rapid prototyping. Another configuration set can specify the ERT-based target for Visual C++® to generate production code for deployment of the application. Activation of either configuration set fully reconfigures the model for that type of code generation.

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