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Decrease Underrun

Examine the Audio Device Writer block in a Simulink® model, determine underrun, and decrease underrun.

1. Run the model. The Audio Device Writer sends an audio stream to your computer's default audio output device. The Audio Device Writer block sends the number of samples underrun to your Time Scope.

2. Uncomment the Artificial Load block. This block performs computations that slow the simulation.

3. Run the model. If your device writer is dropping samples:

a. Stop the simulation.

b. Open the From Multimedia File block.

c. Set the Samples per frame parameter to 1024.

d. Close the block and run the simulation.

If your model continues to drop samples, increase the frame size again. The increased frame size increases the buffer size used by the sound card. A larger buffer size decreases the possibility of underruns at the cost of higher audio latency.

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