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Encoders, decoders, scalar and vector quantizers

DSP System Toolbox™ offers Simulink® blocks to implement quantizers, encoders, and decoders. A quantizer discretizes the input signal using a quantization algorithm. Encoder blocks perform data compression by encoding input data using different quantization techniques. Decoder blocks reconstruct the quantized floating-point values from the encoded integer input. To learn how to use scalar and vector quantizer blocks, see Scalar Quantizers and Vector Quantizers.


G711 CodecQuantize narrowband speech input signals
QuantizerDiscretize input at given interval
Scalar Quantizer DecoderConvert each index value into quantized output value
Scalar Quantizer EncoderEncode each input value by associating it with index value of quantization region
Uniform DecoderDecode integer input into floating-point output
Uniform EncoderQuantize and encode floating-point input into integer output
Vector Quantizer DecoderFind vector quantizer codeword that corresponds to given, zero-based index value
Vector Quantizer EncoderFor given input, find index of nearest codeword based on Euclidean or weighted Euclidean distance measure