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Data Server Connection Requirements

License Requirements

To connect to a data service provider, you must have a valid license for the required client software on your machine. For details, contact your data service sales representative or go to the data service provider website. For the list of websites, see Communicating with Data Providers. The following data service providers require you to install proprietary software on your computer.

  • Bloomberg®

    • Bloomberg Desktop, Server, or B-PIPE® software license

    • License for Bloomberg Data License

  • FactSet®

    • License to use FactSet DataDirect or FactSet Workstation

  • Haver Analytics®


  • Kx Systems®, Inc.

  • RavenPack® News Analytics

  • Thomson Reuters® data servers

    • License for Thomson Reuters Datastream® DataWorks®.

    • To connect from the Internet to the Thomson Reuters Datastream API, request a user name, password, and URL from Thomson Reuters.

Proxy Information Requirements

If your network requires proxy authentication, these data service providers can require specification of a proxy host, proxy port, user name, and password:

  • Datastream Web Services

  • FactSet

  • FRED®


  • IHS Markit®

  • Quandl®

  • Thomson Reuters Tick History

For details, see Specify Proxy Server Settings for Connecting to the Internet (MATLAB).

Platform Requirements

These data service providers work only with the Windows® platform:

  • Bloomberg

  • Haver Analytics


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