SDK Contents

An installation of Data Acquisition Toolbox™ includes the following folders to support its SDK. Your MATLAB® installation location is referred to as matlabroot.

matlabroot\toolbox\daq\daqsdk\bin\win64Built executable files for demo and vendor adaptors.
matlabroot\toolbox\daq\daqsdk\tests\+daq\+sdk\+testsTest files for adaptors. The installed set of test files is for the demo adaptor.
matlabroot\toolbox\daq\daqsdk\src\daqadaptorAdaptor C++ source files, one folder for each adaptor, and one other folder named Shared for elements common to all adaptors. DemoAdaptor contains all the source files for the demo adaptor. VendorAdaptor contains a set of templates.

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