Demo Adaptor Description

The demo adaptor installed with Data Acquisition Toolbox™ consists of the files described in the following tables.

Source Files

The demo adaptor source files are in matlabroot\toolbox\daq\daqsdk\src\daqadaptor\DemoAdaptor.

demoadaptor.hpp, demoadaptor.cppWraps device driver code in methods that allow you to configure, discover, and enumerate the hardware in MATLAB.
daqstream_analog.hpp, daqstream_analog.cpp, daqstream_digital.hpp, daqstream_digital.cppImplement DAQStream objects for an analog and digital subsystems, that allow you to stream data to and from the hardware.
custom_demo.cppDispatches calls from MATLAB to custom functions in the demo adaptor. At a minimum this must contain a customizeMap function.

In addition to these files, the demo adaptor also uses some of the source files in matlabroot\toolbox\daq\daqsdk\src\daqadaptor\Shared:

adaptorfactory.cpp, adaptorfactory.hppCreate adaptor for dispatch and streaming.
daqadaptor.cpp, daqadaptor.hppImplement adaptor class.
daqapi.hC interface.
daqdatatypes.hppC++ equivalents of session data types.
daqinterfaces.hppIAdaptor/IDriver, called before streaming.
daqstream.cpp, daqstream.hppTransfer streaming data between MATLAB and device driver
dispatcher.cpp, dispatcher.hpp, dispatcher_common.hppMATLAB calls to convert data and call adaptor functions.
fakevendordriver.hppFake or virtual driver for testing and demonstrations.
globals.hGlobal settings.
mxconvert.hppUtility functions for data type conversions.

Class Definitions in MATLAB

The demo adaptor class definitions are in matlabroot\toolbox\daq\daqsdk\+daq\+demoadaptor.

Session.mDefines daq.demoadaptor.Session class.
VendorInfo.mDefines vendor driver class for daq.getVendor.

In addition to the files in this table, the demo adaptor also uses some of the class definition files in matlabroot\toolbox\daq\daqsdk\+daq\+sdk.


The following demo adaptor executables are in matlabroot\toolbox\daq\daqsdk\bin\win64.

DemoAdaptor.mexw64Built demo adaptor.
daqasyncio.dllAccommodates streaming channel communication.
daqmlconverter.dllHandles data type conversion.

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