Adaptor Creation Summary

This topic provides a summary of adaptor creation with the SDK. For details and examples of these steps, see Create Your Adaptor from the Demo Adaptor.

  1. Copy the demo adaptor or vendor adaptor source files into your working folder.

  2. Change the names of the source files to reflect your own adaptor name.

  3. Update the content of the source files so that the new names are used for references to other files, the adaptor, devices, and vendor.

  4. Update the source file functions to use your driver code. For more information, see Adaptor API Reference.

  5. Build the adaptor with the buildAdaptor function. Add the folder containing the built MEX-file to your MATLAB® path.

  6. Copy the demo adaptor tests and modify them for your adaptor. Add the test package folder to your MATLAB path.

  7. Run the tests on your adaptor.

  8. Deliver the finished adaptor MEX-file with your device driver and supporting files.


  • Update, build, and test your adaptor iteratively one step at a time. Develop and test in small increments, proceeding upon the success of each step.

  • When modifying the source files, do not remove any of the functions. Even if you do not use all the functions, they must be present when using buildAdaptor.

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