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Rate of operation in scans per second


When working with the session-based interface, use the Rate property to set the number of scans per second.


Many hardware devices accept fractional rates.


On most devices, the hardware limits the exact rates that you can set. When you set the rate, Data Acquisition Toolbox sets the rate to the next higher rate supported by the hardware. If the exact rate affects your analysis of the acquired data, obtain the actual rate after you set it, and then use that in your analysis.


You can set the rate to any positive nonzero scalar value supported by the hardware in its current configuration.


Change Session Rate

Create a session and add an analog input channel.

s = daq.createSession('ni');

Change the rate to 10000.

s.Rate = 10000
s = 

Data acquisition session using National Instruments hardware:
   Will run for 1 second (10000 scans) at 10000 scans/second.
   Operation starts immediately.
      Number of channels: 1
      index Type  Device   Channel  MeasurementType      Range        Name
      ----- ---- --------- ------- ----------------- ---------------- ----
      1     ai   cDAQ1Mod1 ai1       Voltage (Diff)  -10 to +10 Volts