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daqhelp displays a comprehensive listing of Data Acquisition Toolbox™ functions along with a brief description of each. Links in the output provide access to more detailed information.


daqhelp('functionname') returns help for the function specified as a character vector or string.


helptext = daqhelp('functionname') assigns the help text output to the variable out.


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Get overview help for Data Acquisition Toolbox.

  Data Acquisition Toolbox
  Version 3.12 (R2018a Prerelease) 08-Aug-2017
  Data Acquisition Toolbox Session-Based Interface Support
  To control these data acquisition devices, you use a daq.Session object
  to configure and control one or more devices.
  In a typical workflow, 
     (1) Discover hardware devices using daq.getDevices
     (2) Create a daq Session using daq.createSession
     (3) Add device channels
     (4) Add device connections
     (5) Set session and channel properties
     (6) Perform on demand operations using inputSingleScan/outputSingleScan
     (7) Perform clocked operations using startForeground/startBackground
  (1) Device enumeration and discovery:
    daq.getDevices - Show data acquisition devices available
    daq.getVendors - Show known data acquisition vendors
    daq.reset      - Reinitialize all data acquisition devices and sessions. 

This represents only a partial view of the total output.

Get help for a specified function.

  daq.createSession Create a data acquisition session for a given vendor
    Returns a daq.Session object that represents a session with hardware
    from the specific vendor.
  SESSION = daq.createSession(VENDOR_ID) returns a session object specific
  to the vendor ID specified by the string VENDOR_ID that you can configure to
  perform operations.  Type daq.getVendors() for a list of available
      s = daq.createSession('ni');
      s.addAnalogInputChannel('cDAQ1Mod1', 'ai0', 'Voltage');
 See also daq.getDevices, daq.getVendors, daq.reset

Get help for a specified function, assigning the help text to a variable.

helptext = daqhelp('daq.createSession');

Input Arguments

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Function for which you want help, specified as a character vector or string.

Example: 'daq.createSession'

Data Types: char | string

Output Arguments

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Help text, returned as a character vector.

Introduced before R2006a