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Display bits per sample


This property displays the maximum value of bits per sample of the device, based on the device specifications. By default this read-only value is 24.


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Create an audio input session and display session properties.

s = daq.createSession('directsound')
s = 

Data acquisition session using DirectSound hardware:
   Will run for 1 second (44100 scans) at 44100 scans/second.
   No channels have been added.
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 UseStandardSampleRates: true
                       BitsPerSample: 24
                 StandardSampleRates: [1x15 double]
                       NumberOfScans: 44100
                   DurationInSeconds: 1
                                Rate: 44100
                        IsContinuous: false
      NotifyWhenDataAvailableExceeds: 4410
IsNotifyWhenDataAvailableExceedsAuto: true
          NotifyWhenScansQueuedBelow: 22050
    IsNotifyWhenScansQueuedBelowAuto: true
              ExternalTriggerTimeout: 10
                      TriggersPerRun: 1
                              Vendor: DirectSound
                            Channels: ''
                         Connections: ''
                           IsRunning: false
                           IsLogging: false
                              IsDone: false
         IsWaitingForExternalTrigger: false
                   TriggersRemaining: 1
                           RateLimit: ''
                         ScansQueued: 0
               ScansOutputByHardware: 0
                       ScansAcquired: 0