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Supported MATLAB Data Types for Client and Server Marshaling

MATLAB® Production Server™ supports and partially supports certain MATLAB data types for marshaling between client programs and server instances. However, certain MATLAB data types are unsupported.

Supported Data Types

  • Numeric types – Integers and floating-point numbers

  • Character arrays

  • Structures

  • Cell arrays

  • Logical

Partially Supported Data Types

  • Complex numbers — Only the Python® and C client libraries and the MATLAB Production Server RESTful API for MATLAB Function Execution (MATLAB Production Server) and JSON support complex numbers.

  • String arrays, enumerations, and datetime arrays — Only the MATLAB Production Server RESTful API and JSON support these data types.

Unsupported Data Types

Some of the MATLAB data types that MATLAB Production Server does not support include the following.

  • MATLAB function handles

  • Sparse matrices

  • Tables

  • Timetables

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