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Enhanced XML Documentation Files

Every MATLAB® Compiler SDK™ .NET assembly produced is accompanied by a readme.txt file. This file outlines the contents of auto-generated documentation templates included with your built component. The documentation templates are HTML and XML files that can be read and processed by any number of third-party tools.

  • MWArray.xml — This file describes the MWArray data conversion classes and their associated methods. Documentation for MWArray classes and their methods is available here.

  • component_name.xml — This file contains the code comments for your component. Using a third party documentation tool, you can combine this file with MWArray.xml to produce a complete documentation file that can be packaged with the component assembly for distribution to end users.

  • component_name_overview.html — Optionally include this file in the generated documentation file. It contains an overview of the steps needed to access the component and how to use the data conversion classes, contained in the MWArray class hierarchy, to pass arguments to the generated component and return the results.