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Deploy Tall Arrays to a Spark Enabled Hadoop Cluster

Create and execute MATLAB® applications with tall arrays against a Spark™ enabled Hadoop® cluster

Supported Platform: Linux® only.

Deploying a MATLAB application that contains tall arrays against a Spark enabled Hadoop cluster consists of two parts :

  • Creating and packaging a standalone application in the MATLAB desktop environment.

  • Executing the standalone application on a Spark enabled Hadoop cluster from a Linux shell.

For a complete example on deploying tall arrays to a Spark enabled Hadoop cluster, see Example on Deploying Tall Arrays to a Spark Enabled Hadoop Cluster. You can follow the same instructions to deploy tall array Spark applications to Cloudera® CDH.


matlab.mapreduce.DeploySparkMapReducerConfigure a MATLAB tall array application with Spark parameters as key-value pairs


mapreducerDefine execution environment for mapreduce or tall arrays