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RF Impairments and Corrections

Functions for modeling and correcting radio impairments

Communications Toolbox™ enables you to model and compensate for RF impairments.


Wireless Waveform GeneratorCreate, impair, visualize, and export modulated waveforms


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fsplFree space path loss
iqimbalApply I/Q imbalance to input signal
iqcoef2imbalConvert compensator coefficient to amplitude and phase imbalance
iqimbal2coefConvert I/Q imbalance to compensator coefficient


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comm.AGCAdaptively adjust gain for constant signal-level output
comm.MemorylessNonlinearityApply memoryless nonlinearity to input signal
comm.PhaseFrequencyOffsetApply phase and frequency offsets to input signal
comm.PhaseNoiseApply phase noise to baseband signal
comm.ThermalNoiseAdd thermal noise to signal
comm.CoarseFrequencyCompensatorCompensate for frequency offset for PAM, PSK, or QAM
dsp.DCBlockerBlock DC component (offset) from input signal
comm.DPDDigital predistorter
comm.DPDCoefficientEstimatorEstimate memory-polynomial coefficients for digital predistortion
comm.IQImbalanceCompensatorCompensate for I/Q imbalance


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AGCAdaptively adjust gain for constant signal-level output
I/Q ImbalanceCreate complex baseband model of signal impairments caused by imbalances between in-phase and quadrature receiver components
Memoryless NonlinearityApply memoryless nonlinearity to complex baseband signal
Phase/Frequency OffsetApply phase and frequency offsets to complex baseband signal
Phase NoiseApply receiver phase noise to complex baseband signal
Free Space Path LossReduce amplitude of input signal by amount specified
Receiver Thermal NoiseApply receiver thermal noise to complex baseband signal
Complex Phase DifferenceOutput phase difference between two complex input signals
Complex Phase ShiftShift phase of complex input signal by second input value
Coarse Frequency CompensatorCompensate for carrier frequency offset for PAM, PSK, or QAM
DC BlockerBlock DC component
DPDDigital predistorter
DPD Coefficient EstimatorEstimate memory-polynomial coefficients for digital predistortion
I/Q Compensator Coefficient to ImbalanceConvert compensator coefficient into amplitude and phase imbalance
I/Q Imbalance Compensator Compensate for imbalance between in-phase and quadrature components
I/Q Imbalance to Compensator CoefficientConverts amplitude and phase imbalance into I/Q compensator coefficient



RF Impairments

Modeling impairments to a baseband signal caused by the radio frequency components

Visualize RF Impairments

Apply various RF impairments to a QAM signal.

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