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Unable to Open a MATLAB Coder Project

When you open a project from a different release, if necessary, the MATLAB® Coder™ app updates the project file so that the format is compatible with the release that you are using. Before the app updates the project file, it creates a backup file with the name project_name.prj.bak. For example, the backup file name for myproject.prj is myproject.prj.bak. If the backup file exists, the app inserts an integer between the prj and bak extensions to make the file name unique. For example, if myproject.prj.bak exists, the app creates the backup file myproject.prj.2.bak.

If the project file is from a release before R2015a, the app also displays a message about the project file update and backup. To use the project in a release before R2015a, use the backup project file instead of the updated project file.

To use a backup project file, remove the extensions that follow the prj extension. For example, rename myproject.prj.2.bak to myproject.prj. If you use the backup project file in the release that created it, the project is the same as the original project. If you use the backup project file in a different release than the one that created it, you can possibly lose some information. For example, if you open a project file in a release that does not recognize a setting in the file, that setting is lost. For best results, open the backup project file in the release in which you created it.