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Construct camera object for use with animation object


h = Aero.Camera


h = Aero.Camera constructs a camera object h for use with an animation object. The camera object uses the registered coordinate transform. By default, this is an aerospace body coordinate system. Axes of custom coordinate systems must be orthogonal.

By default, an Aero.Body object natively uses aircraft x-y-z coordinates for the body geometry and the time series data. Convert time series data from other coordinate systems on the fly by registering a different CoordTransformFcn function.

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Constructor Summary

CameraConstruct camera object for use with animation object.

Method Summary

updateUpdate camera position based on time and position of other Aero.Body objects.

Property Summary

CoordTransformFcnSpecify a function that controls the coordinate transformation.MATLAB array
PositionFcnSpecify a function that controls the position of a camera relative to an animation body.MATLAB array
PositionSpecify position of camera.MATLAB array [-150,-50,0]
OffsetSpecify offset of camera.MATLAB array [-150,-50,0]
AimPointSpecify aim point of camera.MATLAB array [0,0,0]
UpVectorSpecify up vector of camera.MATLAB array [0,0,-1]
ViewAngleSpecify view angle of camera.MATLAB array {3}
ViewExtentSpecify view extent of camera.MATLAB array {[-50,50]}
xlimSpecify x-axis limit of camera.MATLAB array {[-50,50]}
ylimSpecify y-axis limit of camera.MATLAB array {[-50,50]}
zlimSpecify z-axis limit of camera.MATLAB array {[-50,50]}
PrevTimeSpecify previous time of camera.MATLAB array {0}
UserDataSpecify custom data.MATLAB array {[]}

Version History

Introduced in R2007a