Programmatically Interact with Gauge Band Colors

Programatically interact with Airspeed Indicator, EGT Indicator, and RPM Indicator gauge band colors using the ScaleColors property. When used with get_param, this property returns an n-by-1 structure containing these elements, where n is the number of colored bands on the gauge:

  • Min — Minimum value range for a color band

  • Max — Maximum value range for a color band

  • Color — RGB color triplet for a band (range from 0 to 1)

This example describes how to change a color band of the EGT Indicator gauge. By default, the EGT Indicator gauge looks like this:

This gauge has three bands, clockwise 1, 2, and 3.

  1. To change the color bands, get the handle of the scale color objects.

    sc = 
      3×1 struct array with fields:
  2. To see the values of the Min, Max, and Color values, use the sc handle. For example, to see the values of the first band, sc(1), type:

    ans = 
      struct with fields:
          Min: 0
          Max: 700
        Color: [0.2980 0.7333 0.0902]
  3. To change the color and size of this band, define a structure with different Min, Max, and Color values and set ScaleColors to that new structure. For example, to change the band range to 1 to 89 and the color to red:

    sc(1) = struct('Min',1,'Max',89,'Color',[1 0 0]);
  4. Observe the change in the EGT Indicator gauge.

  5. You can add and change as many color bands as you need. For example, to add a fourth band and set up the gauge with that band:

    sc(4) = struct('Min',200,'Max',300,'Color',[0 1 .6]);

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