Okayama Prefectural University Provides Campus-Wide Access to MATLAB and Simulink

Flexible access to widely used industry tools intended to further develop engineering program and better prepare students to enter the workforce

Tokyo, Japan - (6 Feb 2015)

MathWorks today announced that Japan's Okayama Prefectural University is now providing MATLAB and Simulink to students and faculty campus-wide. Okayama is the first Prefectural University in Japan to adopt campus-wide access to MATLAB and Simulink. As a result, the school community has access to the tools on university-managed and student-owned computers for research and classes. Greater access by students and professors to MATLAB and Simulink—as well as 51 additional products from MathWorks in application areas such as data analysis, signal and image processing, control systems, physical modeling and code generation—is expected to further advance the University’s engineering program and help prepare students to enter the workforce.

Okayama Prefectural University was established in 1993 under the premise of Respect for Humanity and Promotion of Welfare, and its educational research principle focuses on the relationship between human beings, society, and nature to benefit the community. Core to the university’s education approach is to help students develop problem-finding and problem-solving capabilities.

“MathWorks products had been used in Okayama Prefectural University, but due to the number of licenses, it was available only for the limited number of students and faculties. In order to enhance education, research and development for all within the engineering program, we saw the need to expand access,” said Akihiro Kanagawa, Dean of Faculty of Computer Science and Systems Engineering, Okayama Prefectural University. “The wide use of MATLAB and Simulink will deepen the overall engineering education and improve productivity in research and development. Greater access to the tools will help improve student skills, create innovative research results, and further the university’s collaboration with companies and research organizations throughout Japan.”

“MathWorks is pleased to support the further advancement of the engineering program at Okayama Prefectural University,” said Toshi Nashizawa, MathWorks Japan MD. “The use of MathWorks products will help students enhance their problem finding and solving skills, and benefit their career development once they enter industry as researchers and engineers.”

MATLAB and Simulink product families are used as fundamental computational tools by the world’s educational institutions. The products have been adopted by more than 5000 universities and are used as an effective tool for learning, teaching, and research in engineering and science. More details can be found at mathworks.co.jp/academia/.

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