MathWorks Provides Statewide Academic Software License to Baden-Württemberg

Educators and students at all universities and the Cooperative State University in Baden-Württemberg can now use MATLAB and Simulink in academic training and research

AACHEN, Germany - (25 Sep 2013)

MathWorks has announced that the German State of Baden-Württemberg is equipping approximately 175,000 students at all universities run by the state, and the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW), with MATLAB and Simulink. With its new Total Academic Headcount (TAH) license, the students, professors and researchers will be able to use MATLAB, Simulink and 80 other related products from MathWorks for analysis, modeling and simulation. Products will be installed on all campus, employee and student computers. This will facilitate interdisciplinary work at universities and introduce more practical relevance into everyday teaching and research.   

MathWorks has initiated the TAH program to support teaching and research at universities by:

  • Providing easy access to the standard tools used in industry
  • Offering university-wide use of these tools in order to accelerate research and achieve better results
  • Facilitating interdisciplinary work through a common software platform
  • Preparing students for their future careers in industry

In addition, university computer centers benefit from easier software administration by customizable installation options and unified product configuration.

Students at all universities in the State of Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University and the DHBW can now use a single software solution for mathematical computing and Model-Based Design in electrical and mechanical engineering, bioinformatics, chemistry and finance. As a result, students develop a deep understanding of the tools widely used in industry and can leverage that knowledge in developing their professional careers.

Industry-oriented learning

"Project-based learning is a top priority at our universities," said Dr. Frank Allgower, Institute for Systems Theory and Automatic Control, University of Stuttgart. "MATLAB can be found today on almost every engineer’s desk. And now, instructors can give their students tasks using the same software tools that are used in industrial environments. This enhances the students’ qualifications for careers in various fields of work."

The TAH license facilitates interdisciplinary research projects at universities. For example, computer scientists and engineers can exchange data and algorithms while other engineers can cooperate with biosystems engineers or medical scientists without barriers.

“Baden-Württemberg has nine universities and another eight sites of the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University. This powerful network is now supported by the new licensing model. It forms the basis for interdisciplinary research. These common tools assist the interchange of data and models, thereby forming the fundamentals for cutting-edge research in Baden Württemberg,” said Dr. Hannes Hartenstein, managing director at the Steinbuch Centre for computing at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).  

MathWorks Academia

MathWorks offers educators free course materials including tutorials, teaching kits, videos and real-world examples for using MATLAB and Simulink. More in-depth accompanying material for workshops and lectures can be found on MathWorks Academia

“More than 5,000 universities around the world are using MATLAB and Simulink as central tools for calculations, simulations and system development. The extensive use of these tools have made learning , teaching and research in science and technology faster and more efficient,” said Roland van de Pol, EMEA educational manager at MathWorks.

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