Kanazawa Institute of Technology Provides Campus-Wide Access to MATLAB and Simulink

Use of widely-used industry solutions contributes to University’s Project Design education and Active Learning environment

Tokyo, Japan - (15 Apr 2015)

MathWorks today announced that Japan's Kanazawa Institute of Technology is now providing MATLAB and Simulink to students and faculty campus-wide. As a result, the school community has access to the tools on university-managed and student-owned computers for research and classes. Greater access by students and professors to MATLAB and Simulink – as well as 50 additional products from MathWorks – is part of the University’s initiative to create an environment in which active-minded engineering students can focus on solving real-world problems to benefit society.

Kanazawa Institute of Technology follows the globally acknowledged approach for engineering education of CDIO – Conceive, Design, Implement, and Operate. The University also encourages “Design Thinking” through its required Project Design class in which students identify specific problems, discover needs and design engineering solutions through a combination of ideas, innovation, knowledge, testing, validation and verification.

Prior to the campus-wide access, Kanazawa Institute of Technology had been using MATLAB and Simulink for classes in the robotics department, the aeronautics and media informatics program, and in laboratories across the University. Based on that experience, school administrators recognized the potential value of expanding access and usage to promote the Project Design education. Now, students and faculty have access to products for applications in data analysis, signal and image processing, communication, control systems, physical modeling and code generation.

“Kanazawa Institute of Technology is very focused on developing active-minded engineers,” said Taku Takeshima, Director of IT Education & Research Center. “Giving students and faculty access to widely-used industry solutions like MATLAB and Simulink creates a very strong science and engineering environment that helps students learn the skills necessary to be an effective engineer when they graduate.”

“MathWorks is pleased to support the University’s Project Design education initiative,” said Toshi Nashizawa, managing director, MathWorks Japan. “The use of MATLAB and Simulink in classes and research labs across the campus will help students with career development once they enter industry as researchers and engineers.”

MATLAB and Simulink product families are used as fundamental computational tools by the world’s educational institutions. The products have been adopted by more than 5000 universities and are used as an effective tool for learning, teaching, and research in engineering and science. More details can be found at mathworks.com/academia/.

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