Frontier Advisors Develops Web-Based Portfolio Analytics Engine With MATLAB

Includes online modeling tool for portfolio modeling and analytics

Natick, Mass. - (10 Nov 2015)

MathWorks announced that independent asset consultancy firm Frontier Advisors has used MATLAB  and MATLAB Compiler SDK to build and deploy Partners Platform, a web-based portfolio analytics engine for its clients and partners. Partners Platform includes Prism, an online portfolio modeling tool created with MATLAB. Prism contains a range of interactive, easy-to-interpret modules for quantitative modeling, market and investment forecast testing, and superannuation fund performance and risk assessment. To view a video on Partners Platform and Prism visit

Increasingly, investment management companies are relying on consulting domain experts for tactical and operational investment strategies and risk assessment. Frontier Advisors clients and partners can now access the Web-based Partners Platform for portfolio modeling and analytics, and use the same suite of proprietary analytics tools and research databases that its consultants use. By employing MATLAB to develop and test analytics modules and using MATLAB Compiler SDK to deploy  into a production .NET environment, the team streamlined the development and deployment process by decoupling quantitative and front-end development. With a tested, stable and responsive system, Frontier Advisors is able to focus on delivering new and enhanced features at near-monthly cadence, responding quickly and effectively to evolving client needs.

“We understand that investors now expect their advisors to work alongside them, so we’ve sought to empower our clients and partners with access to research and analytics that previously would have been out of reach,” said Lee Eriera, IT Manager at Frontier Advisors. “With MATLAB, we provided this new capability in a rapid time frame, allowing us to seize a market opportunity, gain competitive advantage, and be well-positioned to respond to changing client needs.”  

“The investment management industry plays in markets that are highly fragmented, always crowded, and increasingly regulated”, said Steve Wilcockson, industry manager for Financial Services, MathWorks. “Frontier Advisors is at the forefront of offering analytics-on-demand as a way for its stakeholders to build a deeper understanding of portfolio structuring, asset allocation, and portfolio management.”

A team of just two Frontier consultants developed and deployed the initial Prism release in a few months using MATLAB. Frontier Advisors continues to deploy new modules in MATLAB, including tools for risk exposure analysis, liquidity stress testing, econometric forecasting, and portfolio comparison. In addition to MATLAB and MATLAB Compiler SDK, the team also used Database Toolbox, Financial Toolbox and Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox.

To learn more about the Frontier Advisors Partners Platform developed using MATLAB, read the complete MathWorks user story at:

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