ONLINE - Agile design of Smart Equipment using Models and Simulation


Everyone is talking about digitalization and Industry 4.0, but how can it help you improve your equipment performance without disrupting your daily operations and without over-extended investments with uncertain returns? You can call in the help of a third party for advice or hands-on support, but will it strengthen the fitness of your organization, or will it only introduce a long-term and inconvenient dependency?

This seminar will address established technologies for industrial digitization and will bring you novel ideas that enable engineers to take innovative steps with improved risk and cost mitigation. Ideas that will strengthen the competence of your engineers whilst support is always nearby to cross difficult thresholds.

This seminar demonstrates our vision to help you deal with the digitalization megatrend effectively and efficiently and make it an integral part of your work and your organization. 


  • Trends in digitization for control systems
  • Virtual prototyping boosts (internal) alignment and enables agility
  • How Model Based Design can help you to visualize, understand and master your equipment performance
  • Your equipment is a source of valuable data!
  • From virtual prototype to digital twin; What does it require?

Who Should Attend

  • Engineers involved in equipment building with background in mechanics, electronics, mechatronics, etc.
  • Engineering managers interested in methods to accelerate development of industrial automation and machinery
  • Members of multi-disciplinary design teams working on innovative products / machines      


Time Title
15:00 Welcome and introduction 

I-MECH: “Smartifies” your product and creation process

Arend-Jan Beltman, Sioux Technologies

  • Impact of digitization for control systems
  • How does I-MECH fit in this trend
  • The I-MECH Portal: Don’t start from scratch and use a ready to use desktop

Achieving 200% improvement for a GEA packaging machine with smart control

Jos van Rens, GEA Food Solutions

  • Successful implementation of an innovative design
  • What was needed to get there
  • Performance improvement while pushing down cost of ownership
16:15 5 minute break

Re-use smart equipment design to improve operational performance

Paul Lambrechts and Toon Weyens, MathWorks

  • Connecting your equipment to your service infrastructure
  • Developing and deploying Digital Twins with models and data
  • Examples of practical application of Industry 4.0
17:00 Q&A and Wrap-Up

Product Focus

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