Algorithm Design for Hearing Aid Development


Attend our upcoming second webinar in a series of three, to learn how to design and integrate algorithms related to hearing aids and cochlear implants. We will discuss how to write efficient algorithms in MATLAB, that operate on streaming data fit for system integration. Furthermore, we will show how to develop fixed-point algorithms that take implementation specific details into consideration, such as rounding/saturation and bit growth.


  • Work with fixed-point data types
  • Write efficient streaming-data algorithms that fit automatic code generation
  • Automatically generate C code
  • Write tests for your algorithms

Who Should Attend

Developers, engineers, and researchers working with hearing aids and cochlear implants

About the Presenters

Waqas Ahmad is a senior pilot engineer at MathWorks. He holds an M.S degree in Electrical Engineering with emphasis on Signal Processing from Blekinge Institute of Technology. He has several years of experience of embedded software development for safety related applications. At MathWorks, he works in the domain of automatic code generation using MATLAB and Simulink.

Dr. Daniel Aronsson is a senior application engineer at MathWorks with specialization in signal processing and communications system design. He has several years of experience in these fields and he also works regularly with FPGA system implementation. Daniel holds a Ph.D. in wireless communications from Uppsala University, on the topic of MIMO channel prediction.


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