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Daily High/Low Temperature for St. Petersburg, FL

  • Created by: Matt Rhodes
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  • Created on: 06 Feb 2012

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% time1391 and data1391 available for use
% for Daily Low Temperature for St. Petersburg, FL
% time1392 and data1392 available for use
% for Daily High Temperature St. Petersburg, FL
plot(time1392,data1392, 'ro-',time1391,data1391,'bo-');
title('High & Low Temps, St. Petersburg, FL')
ylabel('Temp (F^{\circ})');

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    Matt Rhodes over 2 years ago

    For some reason, the timing of the data collection is causing problems with the results. Its making it look like the highs and lows are getting swapped, but in fact, they are not.

    Matt Rhodes over 1 year ago

    Updated the trends to collect data at the same time every day, at either 5 or 6am EST depending on wether DST is active... no way to indicate time of collection other than in UTC... Either trendy needs to be fixed for a more consistent time capability, or all the worlds governments need to hurry up and come to their senses so they can end daylight savings time practices.

    Matt Rhodes over 1 year ago

    Oh, and all the old data was deleted so we can have a fresh start. :-)