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Thread Subject:
Problems running a code on 2012a

Subject: Problems running a code on 2012a

From: Maor Levy

Date: 20 Aug, 2012 20:30:17

Message: 1 of 2

I have the following code.

When I run astar_test.m on my laptop (running windows 7 and matlab 2010b) it works fine.
When I'm running it on my desktop (windows 7 and matlab 2012a) I get

Undefined function 'my_astar' for input arguments of type

Error in astar_test (line 26)
[my_path_rows my_path_cols] = my_astar(map,[start_row
start_col],[goal_row goal_col]);

Any ideas?

Subject: Problems running a code on 2012a

From: Maxim Vedenev

Date: 21 Aug, 2012 10:18:12

Message: 2 of 2

Try to recompile my_astar function in new matlab.

Maxim Vedenev, MATLAB Custom Programming

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