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Thread Subject:
Bode plot using GUI

Subject: Bode plot using GUI

From: Andria

Date: 20 Aug, 2012 17:52:09

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I am a beginner in Gui also to matlab with a matlab version of R2010b.

I have a transfer function H(s)= K*((s+a)*(s+b)) / ((s+c)*(s+d)*(s+e)*(s+f))
where s=jw
and want to be able to change the values of the parameters of a,b,c,d,e,f and the gain K using the Interface to get the bode plot of Magnitude and phase (2 plots) for different input parameters .
Also, must be able to change the M & N values for the transfer function.i.e N>=M

I have created an interface with default values for these parameters and the axes to obtain the 2 plots but not able to get the exact programming code to get it work.

Can anyone help me with this.

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