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Thread Subject:
Cannot use Matlab as Active X server

Subject: Cannot use Matlab as Active X server

From: Andy

Date: 7 Aug, 2012 15:00:25

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I have an Excel sheet which pulls up a specific Matlab figure when you double click in a cell. It works on co-workers computer, but I get error 429 when I double click in a cell. He is running XP, Matlab r2007b, Excel 2007. I'm running XP, r2007b, Excel 2010. I've searched all over and one post indicated Office 2010 may have changed how COM objects interact. I also tried !matlab /regserver and !matlab -regserver. I think the problem lies in my Matlab since h = actxserver('Excel.Application') opens up a new Excel 2010 document, but actxserver('Matlab.Application') gives me
??? Error using ==> feval
Server Creation Failed: Server execution failed

I used DCOMCNFG and looked under DCOM Config, there were 2 entries, Matlab.Application (Version 7.5) and Matlab.Application (Version 7.8). Since 7.8 was installed long time ago, I deleted the entry from the DCOM Config list. That still didn't solve the problem.

Anything else I should try or fix?

Subject: Cannot use Matlab as Active X server

From: Andy

Date: 7 Aug, 2012 15:09:15

Message: 2 of 4

Hmm, just did another !matlab -regserver and looked at the log. It says Java is not enabled. I don't have problems with other applications or Internet Explorer Java errors. What is going on here??


Error occurred during initialization of VM
Could not reserve enough space for object heap
Stack Trace:
  [0] jmi.dll:void __stdcall mwJavaAbort(void)(0x78f95578 "Could not reserve enough space f..", 0, 0x78dd0000, 0x03ccb008) + 21 bytes

        Fatal Java Exception detected at Tue Aug 07 11:04:22 2012

  MATLAB Version: (R2007b)
  MATLAB License: xxxxxx
  Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP
  Window System: Version 5.1 (Build 2600: Service Pack 3)
  Processor ID: x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 11, GenuineIntel
  Virtual Machine: Java is not enabled
  Default Charset: windows-1252

Java is not enabled

Subject: Cannot use Matlab as Active X server

From: Andy

Date: 7 Aug, 2012 17:56:15

Message: 3 of 4

I know I keep replying to my own messages, but I'm digging deeper and finding more info. So in Windows registry, I have entries Matlab.AutoServer.7.8 but not 7.5. I do not have 7.8 installed. Does Matlab.AutoServer.7.5 need to be there? How do I put one there, reinstall Matlab or run a command?

Subject: Cannot use Matlab as Active X server

From: Andy

Date: 7 Aug, 2012 18:03:14

Message: 4 of 4

Well that was silly, I wish I could delete the last post. "matlab -regserver" put the AutoServer.7.5 registry entry back. All the CLSID for 7.5match in the registry, I don't know what is preventing the active x from working properly. I am using served license, does that make a difference?

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