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Thread Subject:
How to plot 3d graphs from multiple .dat files (or from multiple 2d graphs)?

Subject: How to plot 3d graphs from multiple .dat files (or from multiple 2d graphs)?

From: ktauk

Date: 28 Jul, 2012 19:27:30

Message: 1 of 1

In my project I basically need to plot 3D color coded surface graphs using MATLAB taking input from multiple .dat files ' kind of a text file'. each .dat file contains a list of values of REFLECTION R wrt to launch angle theta. each file is for a specific value of lambda ( wavelength). so by taking multiple .dat files I need to plot. 3D graph in MATLAB wherein x axis is theta, y axis is REFLECTION R and z would be lambda which is different for different files. Each .dat files gives me a 2D graph of theta vs REFLECTION R. each 2D graph varies from another based on values of lambda. I somehow need to use different values of lambda as z axis to draw a 3D graph.

In a way, in each file I have parameters x and y, and when I take multiple files, each having a different value of z, I can finally plot a 2D graph. so does anyone know how to take input from these multiple .dat files and draw a 3D graph in MATLAB?

I hope I'm clear enough, if not feel free to ask ur doubts thanks :)


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